The Amy Winehouse Experience at the O2 Academy in Leeds.


Last weekend, I went along to the O2 Academy in Leeds to give support to local singer/songwriter, Loz Campbell. I had photographed Loz perviously at her CD launch held at Unity Works in Wakefield so I had already decided that the camera should go along with me but to take it I would have to get my hands on a photography pass if I wanted to get near the front and not risk having my DSLR and lenses confiscated. A few texts and Facebook messages later I managed to secure a photography pass. This meant that I was able to get right up closeto the stage beyond the barriers.

Loz was performing in Leeds as support for The Amy Winehouse Experience aka Lioness. Armed with my pass I walked along to the stage barrier and spoke with one of the security guys who instructed me about old taking photographs for the first three songs. This being the usual set up for pro photographers so I had to ensure everything was right early on as the lighting at live venues such as this is very unpredictable and plays havoc with the camera's auto exposure settings so everything would be set to manual. Before Loz came on I took position in front of the stage and took several shots Smith my DSLR, at different exposure settings, to determine the correct balance. As I wouldn't have much time to switch lenses I decided to settle with the mid range zoom which would give me an angle wide enough to include the entire stage but with enough reach to capture shots of individual performers.
As usual, Loz was amazing and I am pretty sure she will have gained quite a few new fans judging by the reaction of the Leeds Audience. Check out her Facebook page here.


Next up was Lioness, the Amy Winehouse tribute band. The band are made up of hand-picked experienced musicians, carefully selected to maintain the accuracy to the original performances Amy Winehouse herself. Their performance was first rate and the audience were soon dancing away to their favourite Amy Winehouse hits. Lioness are, without doubt, the best of Amy Winehouse designed to entertain and deliver the experience of Amy at her best.