Local Pubs by Night

How have you spent your snow days? Not content with staying huddled up in front of the fire, I ventured out, armed with camera and tripod to photograph some public houses along Barnsley Road in Wakefield.
Public Houses on Barnsley Road _ Wakefield
I had ventured out in the snow to photograph local snowy scenes around Newmillerdam in Wakefield. It was a chilly minus four degrees with lots of compacted snow on the ground and a beautiful blue sunny sky. Just perfect for photographing some local landscapes with my camera. However, half way around Newmillerdam the weather quickly changed and before long the sunny skies had turned into a whirlwind of a blizzard. I grabbed a few more quick shots before placing my camera equipment safely back into my back pack. As I approached the main Barnsley Road the blizzard slowed down into more of a flurry so out came the camera and tripod again and I captured a few snowy, early evening images of the two public houses which stand on either side of the dam, namely The Dam In and The Fox and Hounds. This gave me the idea of photographing more local pubs at night so the following evening I ventured out again to photograph a few more pubs along the same road. First in front of the lens was The Pledwick Well Inn, quickly followed by The Walnut Tree and, my nearest local, The Star in Sandal.
Public Houses on Barnsley Road _ Wakefield